About Da Nang Vietnam:

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Da Nang is a beautiful, welcoming coastal city, where you can easily reach it by road or air and waterways. With its position as one of the three major tourist centers on the tourist map of Vietnam. Da Nang has a geographical and historical landmark, convenient transit point to World Cultural Heritages such as Hue ancient capital, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An ancient town and Cu Lao Cham World Biosphere Reserve.

Over the years, Da Nang is increasingly becoming as an attractive and ideal destination for local people and tourists from all over the world. You will go from one surprise to another in the journey to discover cultural, historical, scenic sites like Hai Van Pass, Linh Ung Pagoda, Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills, Cham Museum….

The beautiful Da Nang beach is honored as one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet. Moreover, Da Nang is a place where you can enjoy international standard resort services with world famous brands such as Intercontinental, Novotel, Crowne Plaza, Furama… Join the journey with Premium Travel Vietnam to discover rich nature and deep sense of local life and culture of Da Nang city.

About Da Nang Weather

Weather in Da Nang is a transitional place alternating between Northern and Southern climates, with the dominant tropical climate in the South. Each year, there are 2 distinct seasons: the dry season from January to July and the rainy season lasting from August to December.


If you are a single traveler or travelling with your friends, family, colleagues…coming to Da Nang city, you should know where to go. For this reason, we list the top 1o tourist attractions for your recommendation:

Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Vàng) Bà Nà Hills resor… | Flickr

Lying in the height of 1414m from sea level and becomes one of new symbols in Da Nang city. Hence, this spot should be on your list of Da Nang Travel. The Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge was recently built in 2019 and it is a part of the entertainment hub – Ba Na Hills. The Golden Bridge was started construction from June 2017 to June 2018.

The highlight in the entire design of the Golden Bridge is the image of a prominent Golden Silk Stripe that shines in the majestic mountains. Besides, the image of a giant hand covered with ancient moss, like a masterpiece from a rocky mountain, is aesthetically effective. All the sophistication in the design of the Golden Bridge has created a unique work of art, standing proudly between heaven and earth.

Thus, Golden Bridge must be on your Danang Tours List upon coming to this coastal beautiful city.

Ba Na Hills

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French village in Ba Na Hills

Coming from the word Banana indicating the place with lots of banana trees. Ba Na Hills has been forgotten for lots of years until the Vietnamese company Sun Group pouring lots of money, turning Ba Na Hills into the Vietnam’s biggest amusement park on the mountain.

Thus, Ba Na Hills is known as one of the most famous places in Vietnam that any visitor cannot ignore. This place is linked to a “fairyland” place, like a “miniature Europe in the heart of the city”.

Ba Na Hills Da Nang has many places waiting for you to come and enjoy such as Golden Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda, French village, Flower garden, Indoor amusement park, Linh Ung Tu Temple…

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam | Nick | Flickr

In the list of Da Nang Travel, Dragon Bridge is another option for you to come and enjoy. Accordingly, the Bridge was built in 2007 and officially put into operation in March 2013 with a length of 666m, a width of 37.5m and 6 lanes. After its completion, the people of Da Nang have been so proud and admirable to witness such a fantastic bridge in the heart of the city.

Nowhere in Vietnam is there a Dragon-shaped Bridge, towering high in the blue sky, expressing the desire of prosperity of Da Nang people.

Every year, during the tourist season, this place attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to come and admire the view of the Dragon Bridge spraying water and fire. Therefore, Dragon Bridge Da Nang has become a special artistic and cultural symbol of the people of Da Nang in particular and the people of Vietnam in general.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge Da Nang - Free photo on Pixabay

Being a floating silk strip connecting the two sides of the Han River, Thuan Phuoc Bridge continues to play a significant function. It brings in a magnificent beauty that is very delicate and makes any tourist flutter when visiting.

One of Vietnam’s longest suspension bridges is this one. The approximately 20-meter-wide Thuan Phuoc Bridge connects trade and provides people with efficient mobility, giving the economy a boost. It also features four lanes for cars and a contemporary lighting system.

Hai Van Pass

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Hai Van Pass Da Nang

Lying to the northen part of Da Nang city, if you want to have an adventure by Jeep Car for your Da Nang Travel, Hai Van Pass is the place that you should not miss. So, Hai Van pass is the geographical border between Da Nang and Hue cities. Hence, the 500m-high Hai Van Pass, also known as Ai Van Pass or Cloud Pass, is frequently shrouded in clouds, giving the area a fairy-tale appearance.

The pass road is treacherous, winding, and renowned for being the worst in the nation, but if you can conquer it, it will provide you with value that few natural landscapes can.

When you witness the jagged mountain sides jutting out into the enormous East Sea, conquering Hai Van Pass is unquestionably your unforgettable experience.

Son Tra Peninsula

The Mother Nature has given the Son Tra Peninsula stunning natural landscapes, towering mountains, enormous old forests with a rich flora and fauna, etc. as precious gifts. The only historic forest in Vietnam that is situated in the middle of a young metropolis, Son Tra Peninsula is certainly deserving of the moniker “precious natural jewel” of Da Nang.

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountain (Danang, Vietnam 2015) | Paul Arps | Flickr

If you are a cave explorer/adventure person for your Da Nang Travel, unmissable place in Da Nang is Marble Mountains. Thus, The Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains) area is a work of natural landscape art that the Creator has given to Da Nang.

Nearly 2 km2 of Ngu Hanh Son scenic relic is made up of 6 limestone mountains: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Tho Son, Duong Hoa Son, and Am Hoa Son, all of which include several lovely caves. such as Quan Am cave, Van Thong cave, Tang Chon cave, Huyen Khong cave, and Huyen Vi cave.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Recently opened on the Son Tra peninsula, the Linh Ung Bai But pagoda is thought to represent both the fusion of the spiritual forces of heaven and earth as well as the evolution of Vietnamese Buddhism in the twenty-first century.

The statue of Buddha Quan The Am (Lady Buddha), which is regarded as the tallest in Vietnam, is one of the pagoda’s main attractions (67m).

My Khe Beach


Sunset Sundown Da Nang Bay Danang - Free photo on Pixabay

In general, My Khe Beach is well-known for its fine, white sand, gentle waves, warm water all year round, and lovely coconut trees that line the shore. So, for your Tour Da Nang, it should be nice if you can take your time coming here to sightseeing one of the best beaches in central Vietnam.

Although swimming is possible virtually all year long, the best time to do so is from May through August. Not to mention that guests will feel safe swimming and admiring the mountain range because the coast is not deep. My Khe Beach is listed as one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world.

Carp-turning-Dragon statue and Love Bridge

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Carp-turning-dragon statue

The statue in Da Nang depicting a Carp transforming into a Dragon has a unique significance for Da Nang’s tourism industry. You must unquestionably stop by and check in at this location when visiting Da Nang.

The Carp-turning-Dragon statue in Da Nang is one of the best virtual living spots in the city, along with the Dragon Bridge, Marble Mountains, and My Khe Beach. To have a selfie and learn about the statue’s significance, let’s pick this location when you are visiting Da Nang city.

Love Bridge Da Nang is a destination that draws tourists, particularly couples, who see it as a hopeful location that might demonstrate enduring love with a contemporary European design.

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Love Bridge Da Nang

Visitors travel to Da Nang spend their time outside admiring stunning coral reefs and pristine beaches. The several lyrical and dark bridges spanning the Han river that cross Da Nang are another of the city’s many tourist attractions. For young people who love and want to learn about Da Nang tourism, there is a love bridge for you.



Bun Cha Ca (Da Nang Fish Cake Noodle Soup):

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Bun Cha Ca Da Nang

One of Danang Cuisine’s hallmark dishes is this. Lizardfish, barracuda, and mackerel are just a few of the fresh fish types used to make the grilled fish cake.

The broth is delicious and nutritious. Hence, it is made with simmering fish bones, pumpkin, cabbage, pineapple, tomato, and dried bamboo shoots. This dish can be accompanied by raw veggies, lemons that have been thinly sliced, chiles, and a dollop of delectable “mam tom” (shrimp paste).

Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo (Sliced Pork Wrapped in Rice Paper):

One of the dishes that is unique to Da Nang is sliced pork wrapped in rice paper. It combines a variety of fresh ingredients, including green bananas, cucumber slices, belly pork, and fresh veggies. Everything is served with dipping sauce and is wrapped in tender rice paper. Due to its exquisite flavor and well chosen components, this meal is well known.

Banh Canh (Vietnamese Bread Soup):

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Banh Canh Da Nang

Depending on the kind of cake, Banh Canh is made of a broth with shrimp, fish, and pork leg. Rice flour, flour, tapioca, tapioca, or rice flour blended with tapioca can all be used to make Banh Canh fiber. Dough that has been shaped into sheets and divided into long and short strands is used to make cakes.

Nam O Fish Salad

The components for Nam O fish salad are all fresh herring. Fish salad consumed in Nam O will be fresher and sweeter since herring used to prepare salad is caught in this well known fishing community of Da Nang city.

Therefore, the dipping sauce determines whether or not the Nam O Fish Salad is a success. The flavor of chiles and the perfume of leaves must be combined in the fish salad sauce. Eat rice paper with vegetables like cucumber, perilla, grated green mango, and lentil leaves when you’re eating will be a perfect combination.


Vietnam Hoi An Da Nang - Free photo on Pixabay

There are many historical sites, UNESCO Sites, interesting places around Da Nang for you to choose for Tour Da Nang: Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, Hue Ancient capital, Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills, Linh Ung Pagoda, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula and so on. Thus, Premium Travel Vietnam lists some of the options for Tour Da Nang for your reference:

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