Tuong Van Pagoda


During the time of the Nguyen Lords and the Nguyen Emperors, many pagoda and tombs were built to the south and southwest of Hue, their capital city. At the time, Tuong Van was but a small temple near Tu Hieu Pagoda, about 5 kilometres southwest of the city. A stele marking the construction of the […]


Tu Hieu Pagoda


In describing Tu Hieu Pagoda, The book “Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi” published by the National Institute of history of the Nguyen Dynasty records:  “The pagoda is located in Duong Xuan commune on the site of a former temple. In the third year of the regin of Emperor Thieu Tri (1834), Cung Gian Chau Phuong […]


Bao Quoc Pagoda


Bao Quoc Pagoda wasfounded by the venerable Giac Phong towards theend ofthe 17th century. It  was originally called Ham Long Thien Tho tu Pagoda, after the hill on which it stands.  The pagoda islocated in Phuong Duc district, close to the centre of hue, and is bordered by Dien Bien Phu street on the east, […]


Thien Mu Pagoda

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Thien Mu Pagoda is the most ancient, the most architecturally imposing and also the most beautiful pagoda of Hue City. Thien Mu Pagoda was build on Ha Khe hill, Huong Long commune, 5km west of the ciy centr. The story of this place of scenic beauty is lengendary. It is said that there appeared a […]


Nam Giao Esplanade

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In the feudal history, since Ly dynasty’s time, Nam Giao Explanade was established to worship god. In succeeding times, the designs of the worship terrace and worship ceremonies were more and more solemn and dignified.  In the  Nguye dynasty, right after being crowned (1802), emperor Gia Long had the  terrace embanked in an Ninh village […]


Quoc Tu Giam Institution

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Quoc Tu Giam was the insutitution formerly organized by the imperial court to train scholars to sever the  feudaism. In our country, the first Quoc Tu Giam was founded in 1076 in the capital Thang Long. When  the Nguyen dynasty was set up and chose Hue its capital, Quoc Tu  Giam was established in Hue […]