• 1. Ba Na Hills Private Tour Introduction:
  • 2. Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills Private Tour Highlights:
  • 3. Ba Na Hills Private Tour Program:
  • 4. What do you expect from Ba Na Hills Private Tour?
  • 5. Ba Na Hills Day Trip Price?
  • 6. How to book Ba Na Hills Private Tour from Da Nang?


1. Ba Na Hills Private Tour Introduction:

This Private Tour brings you to visit the most spectacular and astonishing spot in Da Nang city – Ba Na Hills. Thus, it is not only an opportunity for you to explore the beautiful forest of Ba Na Hills, experience amazing cable car system but also for you to admire Golden Bridge – Giant Hands from Mountain God. It is also a perfect day and enjoyable experience for those who want to breath fresh air of the mountain and enjoy lots of entertainment and activities at amusement park.

ba na hills private tour

Overview of Ba Na Hills Da Nang


2. Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills Private Tour Highlights:

-Take the world’s longest cable car system

-Visit symbolic Golden Bridge

-Visit old French Wine cellar

-Sightseeing French village

-Enjoy the highest point of Da Nang (1.470m)

3. Ba Na Hills Private Tour Program:

To begin the tour, in the morning, we will come and pick you up at the hotel and we start Ba Na Hills Private Tour. Thus, Ba Na – Chua Mountain is an ideal eco – tourism in the Central Vietnam. When coming to Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, you will feel four different seasons within a day: morning- spring, noon- summer, afternoon- autumn and evening- winter. The view is truly spectacular and the air is so fresh and cool.

From the mountain peak, visitors can gain a panoramic view of Da Nang city and Da Nang bay due to the height of 1.487m compare to sea level. This terrain is considered as small highland and has an abundant fauna and flora system. You will not only enjoy fresh air but you also contemplate such a beautiful scenery.

ba na hills private tour

Ba Na Hills – a replica of French village in Vietnam

Especially, Ba Na has four world records including the longest one-wire sling with a the length of 5,777.61m; the most far away distance between each station of 1,368.93m; the longest unpatched wire in the world of 11,587m; and finally the heaviest cable roll in the world of 141.24 tons.

As you are sitting in cable car, you will be contemplated the grandeur of mountain, rainfall, the old-growth forest and so on. And when the cable car reaches the summit, it assumes that you are lost in a paradise and it will bring you the adventurous feeling as in the fairyland. You will have wonderful experiences with Premium Travel Vietnam.

So upon arriving the site, the guide will show you around and there are so many tourist attractions waiting for you to discover such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Sakyamuni Buddha’s monument 27m high, Flower garden, French wine yard cellar, Wax showroom and exciting indoor amusement zone Fantasy Park.

After that, you will enjoy buffet lunch in a local restaurant. You later might have some free time looking around on your own. As soon as you finish, we will come and take the cable car back down. From here, our car will transfer you back to the hotel. So, our Ba Na Hills Day Tour will come to an end here.

ba na hills private tour

Spectacular views while taking cable car in Ba Na Hills

4. What do you expect from Ba Na Hills Private Tour?

First, this is a private tour which offers you the best experience of Ba Na Hills. While you are immersing with beauty of old forest, visitors can listen to the sound of running water, or streams and hear some birbs singing. Moreover, joining with our Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Tour; visitors will adventure taking cable car to the highest point of Da Nang city.

By the way, you can admire a very unique newly built bridge in Da Nang – Golden Bridge. Thus, this bridge is so amazing and spectacular that should never be missed by somebody when coming to Da Nang city. Besides, you not only have an overall view of Da Nang city from the hill top but you also feel the majesty of the old growth forest in this city.

Furthermore, visitors can experience the difference of 4 seasons in one day in Ba Na Hills. In addition, Fantasy Park – known as the biggest indoor entertainment hub in Vietnam is waiting for you to participate in many exciting games and activities. You will hamornize yourself in a vast, green nature of Ba Na and it will surprise every visitor due to pretty landscape and scenery that Ba Na brings to you.

ba na hills private tour

Symbol of Ba Na Hills – Golden Hands Bridge

5. Ba Na Hills Day Trip Price?

80 $ U.S per person (minimum 2 persons) or Whatsapp us at 0084979613777 for more details and assistance.


* This Private Tour is carried out from Da Nang city

Tour inclusive

Tour exclusive

  • 7 – seat private car with air conditioning
  • Two – way cable car
  • Experienced driver
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Cold water and wet tissues


  • Lunch
  • Other personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Non-free games in Fantasy Park in Ba Na hills



Children policy

  • Tickets for children from 1m to 1.4 m high is 600.000 VND
  • Tickets for children over 1.4m high are the same as adults

Travel tip

  • We advise you to book the tour in the morning because it sometimes rains in Ba Na hills in the afternoon. In months of October, November, December, January, February, it is sometimes a bit cold and rainy in Ba Na Hills due to moonsoon season.We suggest you to bring sweaters, jackets and ponchos if needed.


So, if you travel to Hoi An or Da Nang city and would like to find a professional tour operator for Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang, do not hesitate to contact us as follows:

Premium Travel Vietnam


Whatsapp/Viber: 0084 979613777 (Mr.Viet)

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