Thien An Hill

Thien an hill

Thien An Hill

Thien An pine hill lies south-west of Hue c ity and is a wonderful gift of Nature endowed to the poetic old capital city. Not far away from the center of Hue city is green pine hill assembling together creating a peaceful atmosphere for Thien An. Day and night, the pine trees are absorbed in singing also bringing to the place an impure and fresh space. Once tourists come here, the hill, water, cloud, and  sky, flower and tree of Thien An hill will make the feel calm and restful towards the end of their tour around the Nguyen Emperors’ tombs. To walk in the path of shimmer sunlight and gentle shade among the pine and vast wild flower fragrants is the passion of those who want to relax spiritually to integrate their souls into the romantic fascination of poetry, music and painting endowed generously to people by nature.

Sitting on  the hill slope, under slope, tourists can behold a blue, limpid adn quiet lake which lies in the valleys of the tranquil pine hills with the charming and loveable name Thuy Tien (Water Fairy). In autumn days, the lake water is  limpid and  quiet like a dreamy mirror for the pine foliages along  the lake.  A peaceful  and unmingled space calms down people’s souls…

Walking contentedly towards the end of the forest, tourists will come to a hill range running alongside the banks of the extendedless grandiose Truong Son range, the striking Kim phung mount which stands motionlessly and reflects itself into Bang Lang fork, the villages with old and new heaving roofs hidden the luxuriant garden vegetations ancient Minh Mang tob covered by a solitary old  pine forest like an ancient chef – d’ oeure poem.

On top of the hill situates Dan Vien Thien An from which  resound church bell and prayers. Within Thien An land is a simple over-one-hundred-year grave as a  historical mystery which many researchers have tried at pains to discover: Ba Vanh tomb. It  is also an absorbing place to those who love and are keen on history.

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