Bach Ma Mount

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Bach Ma Mount

Bach Ma (White Horse) Mount is 60 km south of Hue city. Through  having no caves, it is a famous resort. It is about 1,450m above sea level in a transition zone of the northern and southern climate, so it bears a temperate climate, similar to sapa, Tam Dao, Da Lat, etc. There, the green vegetation is abundant all the year round. The animals are also rich which chirps and  calls all days and nights wich sound both wild and familiar…

Bach Ma Mount also has many limpid brooks and picturesque waterfalls. In warm afternoon it is a great pleasure for tourist it they come to rest at Ngu Ho ( the Five Lakes) by going through the forest down from Bao An Hill or along the  cool Hoang Yen brook. At the 16th kilometer on Cau Hai – bach Ma road, turning left and walk for 20 to 30 minutes, tourists will also find 400m high, 20m wide Do Quyen waterfall which sunddenly appears as if it were suspended in the sky… In the summer, rhododendron flowers  are blooming on  both sides of the fall like two huge flowery silk  carpets. In the centre of the resort it Bac waterfall, only 10m high and 40m wide and look like a spotless white curtain swayed by the wind. In every path and corner of 369ha of Bach Ma, especially in the  forest park, carine lilies and violet eath orchids are blooming in all the four seasons. All these keep every step of tourists and make it hard for the to leave…

More than half a century ago, the French recognized the beauty of Bach Ma, and began to exploit it. Winthin 5 years (1942 – 1946), luxurious villas were constructed here by rich, noble and pleasure loving people, 139 villas were continuously buit under the foliages of old trees and by sheer cliffs.

From the top of Bach Ma, people can view landscapes of Hai Van pass, Tuy Van mount, Cau  Hai lagoon with heaving fishing boats and even the shimmering electrical lights of Hue city at night as well as the huge and boundless Eastern Sea.


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