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In general, Hue, at a prime location in Central Vietnam, is known around the world for its beautiful natural surroundings, distinctive festivals, and friendly locals. The city is one of Vietnam’s most suitable vacation spots.
Hue is the provincial capital of Thua Thien – Hue, and is situated on a tiny strip of land on Vietnam’s North Central Coast. The city is the Central’s cultural, political, educational, and tourism center. Especially, Hue is one of the most cited cities in Vietnamese poetry and music, thanks to the Huong (Perfume) River and valuable feudal dynasty heritages.

The following are the 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam that you should not miss:


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The first place in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam is Hue citadel

The restricted fort, also known as Hue Citadel, was originally the administrative seat of Southern Vietnam in the 17th and 18th centuries. The majority of the monument’s structure was damaged during the war, but repair is underway. It is one of the most well-known Hue tourist attractions, and it is still worth seeing. Moreover, the palace’s foundation is protected by spectacular water lily-filled trenches.

This spectacular structure, also known as the Imperial City, is where Vietnam’s emperors used to live, secured by strong stone walls and a moat. Construction began in 1804 and, despite the fact that many of the structures have been destroyed over time, they still make for a striking picture. There is a limitless collection of temples, courts, gardens, and more inside the defensive walls, making it a fascinating spot to roam around.

The magnificent Meridian Gate is only one of many attractions on display, and its amazing design manages to be both graceful and terrifying at the same time. The Purple Forbidden City and the To Mieu Temple Complex are both great places to visit.

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Standing on the the second place in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam is Thien Mu Pagoda.

It is an iconic monument that stands in the background of Hue City, signifying the ancient city’s imperialism. This seven-story pagoda is an emblem of traditional Vietnamese architecture and one of the top locations to see in Hue. The charm and beauty of this site have not gone even though it has been demolished several times. It is still regarded a holy heritage, and monks can be seen strolling the streets.


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It will be a huge miss if not mention Tu Duc Tomb in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam.

The mausoleum of Tu Duc, located atop Van Nien Hill, is surrounded by forest and features a magnificent pavilion with a water lily-coated pond for tourists to enjoy. The tomb was conceived by the emperor himself and built between 1864 and 1867 at such a high expense and with so much forced labor that it sparked a coup against him.

While the structure is beautiful, the tomb itself isn’t particularly noteworthy, and Tu Duc was never actually buried there. Tu Duc’s mausoleum, on the other hand, is worth visiting because of the temples, statues, and exterior courtyard.

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Definitely, Minh Mang Tomb must be a place in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam according to many world wide well known travel magazines.

This magnificent mausoleum, which was built to contain the remains of the Nguyen Dynasty’s second emperor, is one of the most popular among visitors and locals alike. Visitors passing over a boardwalk that spans a pond will notice the tomb towering above them at the top of a set of stairs, leaving a lasting impact.

The mausoleum is surrounded by trees, and the vivid red of the roof contrasts beautifully with the green of the foliage and the blue sky above. Besides, Minh Mang’s Mausoleum is an appropriate homage to his legacy, having done so much to oppose French involvement in Vietnam.


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In addition, if you are looking for the sophisticated royal architecture, let’s come to explore Khai Dinh Tomb. There is no doubt that this tomb must be on your list of travel. The Khai Dinh Mausoleum, Vietnam’s last royal tomb, took eleven years to complete and houses the bones of the monarch after whom it was named. A wonderful destination to visit, the architecture is an enticing mix of Western and Eastern designs, making it quite distinctive to look at.

The courtyard is lined with imperial stone pillars and arches, as well as statues of bodyguards, after climbing a long flight of steps. Inside the tomb, dragons adorn the ceilings, and lavish ornamentation and motifs abound, with plenty of porcelain on display. The Khai Dinh Tomb is really impressive to see and is well worth the hike up the mountain.

In short, Khai Dinh tomb is one of 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam for you and your family.

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Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities display artifacts of Emperor Gia Long

Standing in one of the places housing all complete treasure from Nguyen Dynasty. This Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts, which is housed inside the former Long An Palace, provides a fascinating peek into the city’s culture and history. The huge collection of approximately 10,000 pieces includes everything from ceramics and silver artifacts to past Vietnamese Emperors’ personal things and regal clothes, furniture, Phap Lam enameled metal art, and several paintings and elaborate murals.

All displays include English labels, and many provide background information to help visitors better understand the exhibit’s history and who used it.

While photography is not permitted inside the museum, the one-story wooden palace and the lovely gardens surrounding it offer plenty of photo opportunities.


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And if you are finding the rustic countryside and find something new, Thanh Toan tile-roofed Bridge must be an option for you. This iconic sumptuous footbridge is located in the countryside and is one of the great attractions of the historic Hue city. This bridge, which was built in the 18th century and has both Japanese and Chinese aspects, is one of the most attractive places to see in Hue. This bridge’s primary goal is to connect the two villages. This bridge also serves as a point of gathering for the villages, making it an ideal spot to sit and observe life while conversing with the locals. This bridge is bordered by rice fields and lovely foliage.

Thanh Toan, also known as the Japanese Bridge, is a charming and attractive bridge, albeit there isn’t much more around that would pique visitors’ curiosity. Tran Thi Dao commissioned it to aid travel and communication between a small, isolated community and the rest of the world, which was previously separated by the canal that the bridge now crosses.

The emperor ordered the peasants to build an altar near the bridge and pray to Tran Thi Dao whenever they passed by after she died childless. Ancestor worship is still highly significant in Vietnam, and the people continue to pray to her today. The Japanese Bridge, with its peculiar rickety appearance, is a great site to stop by, albeit it won’t take you long to explore.

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Standing 8th position in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam is Tu Hieu Pagoda.

Thus, Tu Hieu Pagoda, also known as Zen master Thich Nhut Hanh’s famed “root pagoda,” is not just a place for monks to live an awakening life, but also for anyone looking for a tranquil refuge to escape from the bustling world or to study meditation.

As we all know, the Tu Hieu Pagoda, which dates from 1843, is one of Hue’s most well-known structures. During the time of the Ancient Citadel in Hue, this pagoda was also home to eunuchs, and it presently houses about 70 monks.

Today, upon coming here, you may see two towering temples and listen the monks singing throughout the day as part of their religious ceremonies when you visit.


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Second from last in 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam is Bach Ma National Park.

As we know, Bach Ma National Park is approximately 1,450 meters above sea level and contains some of Hue’s most beautiful scenery.

On a visit here, you’ll encounter towering waterfalls, beautiful hiking routes, and several decaying French mansions to admire along the way.

The park is part of the Annamite Range, which is recognized for its rich sceneries in this part of Vietnam. A visit here can easily be combined with a stop at the Cau Hai Village.

You have the choice of staying overnight at the camp ground or simply spending the day swimming in clear pools and admiring the flora and fauna.


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And finally, Ho Quyen Arena is the last place of the 10 Best Places To Visit in Hue Vietnam that you should do when coming to hue.

Going to Ho Quyen, the tiger battling area, is one of Hue’s most fascinating pastimes. This site was built in 1830 and is located about three kilometers outside of Hue’s city center.  During Emperor Minh Mang’s rule, they used to host annual contests between a tiger and an elephant. This is a depiction of the Roman arena in Asian style. It was used to engage the Emperor and his family, as well as to demonstrate honor.

The last royal elephant fight was held in 1904, while royal elephants were still being grown in the area until the August Revolution of 1945.

You won’t find any more fights here (thankfully!) because they were banned in the 1900s, but you can still see this amazing historical landmark, which has claw marks pocking the decaying walls if you look closely.

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