As we all know, Hoi An is a little charming city by the Thu Bon river in Quang Nam Province. This town was the commercial trading port in Vietnam in the 16th century famous for its ancient houses, temples, pagodas… This 400 year old town has the beautiful color of the golden walls of ancient houses, massive green color of the rice fields, blue water of the legendary Thu Bon river. All seems to captivate travelers from all over the globe. If you are firstly coming to this peaceful town of Hoi An, do not miss your biking tour experience to exlpore all rustic charm of this place.To enjoy the pure charm of Hoi An, PTV will provide you with Hoi An Biking Trip for you to unlock some of Hoi An’s hidden parts and have an insight into Vietnamese culture.


Rustic scene in Hoi An countryside


Duration: 4 hrs

Starting point: your hotel

Ending point: your hotel or in Hoi An center

Starting time: 8h30 a.m

Finish time: 12h30 noon

Highlights: organic vegetables village – buffalo ride – rice noodles making – sleeping mat weaving – basket boat making


Grow vegetables in Tra Que village, Hoi An

To begin our Hoi An Bike Tour, in the morning our tour guide will come and meet you up at the hotel in Hoi An areas and then we will start Hoi An Biking Tour. So, we will commence the day leisurely cycling along countryside roads witnessing local Vietnamese rural life in the first hand. So, our first stop today is Tra Que organic vegetables village.

Thus, Tra Que vegetables village is established by some of local fishermen long time ago due to the fact that they could not manage their life with fishing activities. Hence, they lifted the fishing job into growing herbs and vegetables to maintain their daily life. Nowadays, this village is an abundant vegetables supplier for Da Nang and Hoi An areas.

So on arrival at this village, we will stroll around this lovely, green village to know many kinds of herbs over here: coriander, basil, lettuce, spring onion, cabbage, mints…Besides, you may come across meeting farmers working in the field then take your chance to chat with him to know about their daily life and have intimate exposure to the local farming of Hoi An people. Moreover, this little rustic village is also a truly place for photo opportunities, you also get a chance to know how the local people watering and planting vegetables, and hoeing soil with local farmer. Although the farmers are working very hard but they are always friendly and smiling.

Vietnam North Water

Vietnam Water buffalo

Next, we keep our Hoi An Biking Tour through rice paddy fields of Hoi An and then your camera is ready to take some photos of water buffaloes bathing in the field and you may try to hop on for buffalo ride into water upon your request. You will absolutely have a big fun out there.

Following the tour, we keep cycling along small village lanes and might see ducks farms on the way or local farmers tending their crops. In harvesting rice season, the scene here is just busy and bustling. Then your photo opportunities are endless. And from now on, you will know why Hoi An city has many things to discover and the Hoi An Biking Road is one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Afterwards, our Hoi An Biking Tour will move on by a short stop at a Blacksmith factory to see the anvils are working hard to sharpen some knives, bush hooks, and some farming labor tools.

Next, we keep on going our tour to Hoi An dock then take small wooden boat across Thu Bon river to reach Cam Kim island. At arriving, we will cycle around this lovely village and pay a visit to mattress weaving family business. Thus, it is a real chance for your to interact with the house owner to know how they maintain their job from their ancestors. Therefore, you will know how can weave and color threads and dyke them to have such colorful patterns. Of course, you can have a  try on your own. Later on, we are heading off to a round boat making family where there is the man is doing his job with his great skills. Though he is only one in the village making it but we can see how he is happy with his profession.


Rice Noodles Making

Furthermore, we then pass by some wood factories and visit a shipyard factory and know the local people build up their fishing boats and even find out a special liquid that they use for water proofing.

Eventually, we will come to a rice noodles making family to find out how they make one of Hoi An’s specialties. From grain rice to have rice flower mixture then stir and pouring it on silk cloth to steam it up will take a while to make it. The process will take some steps and it is enjoyable to know how they use rice husk for cooking as well. Lastly, we can have a seat and demonstrate to make it by yourself before having some rice crackers to taste some flavor.

Upon finishing, we are biking back to Hoi An. So, our Hoi An Bike Tour will come to an end here. We wish you had unforgettable time with us.



Biking on unbeaten path in Hoi An

Firstly, participating in this Hoi An Cycling Tour, you have many chances to directly chat with the local people in Hoi An to know their culture, daily life. By the way, you know how could they preserve their traditional jobs after so many years. Besides, it is an amazing experience and great time for you to take lots of photos of Hoi An city’s rural areas as we ride our bikes on unbeaten paths. Moreover, crossing the Thu Bon river and visit some family businesses in weaving sleeping mats, making round boat or making rice noodles will be an outstanding experience as well.



Rice fields in Hoi An, central Vietnam

40 $ U.S (American dollars)  per person (minimum 2 persons)

Tour inclusion Tour exclusion
– Regular bikes with helmets

– Buffalo ride

– English speaking guide

– Entrance ticket

– Cold water and wet tissue


– Travel insurance

– Other expenses

– Soft drinks and beverages

– Tips and gratuities

Things to bring Travel tip

-Fully charged camera; Sun cream; Sport shoes; Caps/hats; Sun glasses; Insect spray;


In months of October, November, December, January, February; it normally rains in Hoi An, let’s bring rain coats with you. For the rest of the year, it is usually hot and humid.

Children policy

  • FOC for children under 5 years old
  • 50% charge for children from 6 to 12 years old
  • Full charge as adults for children over 12 years old

Travel guide:

  • The tour is conducted in good weather conditions; we will NOT organise the tour in case of bad weather such as strong heavy rain, typhoons, storms, flooding.
  • We advise you to start in the morning and book the tour 24h in advance for us to process the booking.

Things to bring:

  • Sun glasses
  • Sun lotion/cream
  • Hats/Caps
  • Sandals/Dipthongs/Sport shoes
  • Ponchos/light rain coats



Fun Bike ride in Hoi An

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