• 1. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Overview:
  • 2. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Summary:
  • 3. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Itinerary
  • 3.1 How enjoybale Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour?
  • 4. Half Day Hoi An Bicycle Tour Price?
  • 5. How to book Hoi An Bicycle Tour?


1. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Overview:

Hoi An Biking Tour will offer you an enjoyable bicycle ride to visit a beautiful, peaceful countryside of Hoi An city. So, Hoi An has a picture of every color: from the bright yeallow walls of ancient houses in town till a massive green paddy fields and vegetables. Besides, Hoi An still has many traditional villages as well as some old handi crafts that everyone is proud of their culture and lifestyle. In order to help visitors going back to old time of Hoi An, visiting some of primitive crafts and taking a chance to have a deep insight into Hoi An culture, we would love to provide Half day Hoi An Biking Tour.

half day hoi an biking tour

Hoi An Biking – a “must do” experience

2. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Summary:

Location: Hoi An

Duration: 4-5 hours

Departure Time: 8:00 or 8:30 a.m

Highlights: Vegetables village – buffalo ride – rice paper making – mattress weaving

3. Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour Itinerary

To begin our Hoi An cycling tour, in the morning at 8:30 a.m our English tour guide will come to meet you up at the hotel and we start the tour. So, we will be then riding bicycles to Tra Que village which is two kilometers from Hoi An downtown. Along the way, you will see beautiful rice paddies and you can come across seeing the guy lying on the back of water buffalo. Hence, it is a great chance to take some pictures.

half day hoi an biking tour

Farmer working on farm

On arriving at Tra Que Vegetables village, we will first walk around this lovely rustic garden and realize how green the garden is! Also, you have a chance to see lots of organic fresh herbs such as coriander, cabbage, basil, spring onion, salad that are grown here. Especially, the fertiliser that the people use to feed their crop is seaweed taken from De Vong river nearby. So, the herbs here are very fresh, clean and healthy and that is really good to our health.

half day hoi an biking tour

Watering garden at Tra Que village – Hoi An

We then keep strolling around and know how the local people hoe the soil, planting vegetables and watering the garden. Although they work very hard but they always smile and are so friendly. By the way, you will get to know the daily life of local people by interacting with them to know more their farming culture.

Later on, we continue our Half Day Hoi An Biking Tour to go along small village lanes and passing by massive rice paddy fields, duck farms along the way. And on the way, we would love to give you a fun Buffalo ride. This is a funny experience for you as he will take you in the water, walking in the mud. You will surely have an enjoyable ride with him.

Following our trip is a short bike ride go to Hoi An center and take a short wooden boat trip across Thu Bon river to reach Cam Kim islet.

half day hoi an biking tour

Basket boat weaving

At arriving, we are ready to hop on our bikes will be biking around this little lovely island and feel the peace and calmness of Vietnamese village. On the way, if possible, you also have a chance to interact with the locals to know more about their life, culture and customs.

Especially, we will make some stops at some local family businesses to know more how people live and how they maintain such a beautiful handicraft work from their forefathers. So, the people here have been doing their jobs for a long time and no matter how hard their life is, they still keep their traditional job from previous generations and happy with what they have.

half day hoi an biking tour

Rice paper making in Hoi An


Next, our visits will be: sleeping – mat weaving, basket – boat making, wood – carving job as well as rice – noodles making. Following that, you can demonstrate by yourself and have a great fun out here.

Finally, we will cycle back to the hotel and we will finish our Hoi An Biking Tour here.  Many sweet memories will still retain in your mind.

3.1 How enjoyable Half day Hoi An Biking Tour?

Firstly, if you want to be away from hustle in Hoi An center, this tour is worth it a try. So, we will take unbeaten pathways for you to be away from the crowd in town and understand more of Vietnamese culture. Moreover, by contacting with the local people, you will know how the local people live and how they try their best to preserve their habits, customs and lifestyle. And finally, you will find the trip interesting as you can try to do on your own.

half day hoi an biking tour

Buffalo Ride

4. Half Day Hoi An Bicycle Tour Price?

35 $ U.S per person (minimum 2 persons)

Tour inclusionTour exclusion
– Standard bicycles with helmets

– English speaking guide

– Sightseeing tickets

– Cold water and wet tissue


– Travel insurance

– Other expenses

– Soft drinks and beverages

– Tips and gratuities

Things to bringTravel tip

-Fully charged camera; Sun cream; Climbing shoes; Caps/hats; Sun glasses; Insect spray


In months of October, November, December, January, February; it normally rains in Hoi An, let’s bring rain coats with you. For the rest of the year, it is usually hot and humid.

5. How to book Hoi An Bicycle Tour?

So, if you come to Hoi An or Da Nang and would like to find a professional tour operator with best services, do not hesitate to contact us:

Premium Travel Vietnam


Whatsapp/Viber at 0084 979613777

We highly respect your choice and make your trip a meaningful one

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